Fighting New Mom Inertia

Hack #6 Fighting New Mom Inertia

Hi fellow mompreneurs - let's get real today, shall we?

New mom inertia is part of all of our current realities. As compared to our pre-baby selves, we just simply have to fight this demon on a day-to-day basis.

When we new moms succumb to new mom inertia (which is there for a reason, I assure you!), we usually end up feeling like we're not a useful part of society, or even to our families...on the darkest days, anyway.

This week's hack video skips up to #6: Fighting New Mom Inertia. If you've ever felt like you're stuck in one place, watch it. You'll feel better 🙂

(And this video has BLOOPERS! Have a laugh at my expense.)

It's just 5 minutes - and in it, I'll share my solution for inertia. It's a simple one, promise.

Watch now:

You'll learn:

  • my simple solution to this darkest friend
  • one fun thing you can do to fight it, and
  • why Siri is a royal PITA!!

After you've watched, please leave a comment below with how you deal with inertia.




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