I'm Andrea Olson.

Through trial and error

I discovered how to live my dreams + be financially secure while being a stay at home mama.

Staying Home

A recent Gallup poll said that 56% of women with children under 18 years old prefer to stay at home. If you want to be with your babies, you should be able to be with them. It matters.

Nurturing Dreams

Most stay at home moms lose that sense of themselves as women, dreamers, creatives, and separate people with dreams and desires all their own. Your dreams deserve tending. You're worth it.

Financial Stability

Let's face it. Working from home as a new mother isn't usually a profitable endeavor. Most of us only have one option: get an hourly part time job and spend all that money on daycare. No thx.

How I can help you

I'm Andrea and I run 3 businesses while raising 5 babies and running my household. I created MamaWorx to help new mamas, just like you:

  • discover their calling
  • validate their business idea, and
  • start their business (step-by-step).

But most business training out there DOES NOT cover the realities that we mamas face, day in and day out, that get in the way of starting a business.

So, I also help new mamas:

  • streamline their household duties
  • make space for their business (thru decluttering, organizing, and asking for help)
  • optimize their baby-raising duties, and
  • destress their relationship with baby-daddy/spouse/partner

...all in an effort to bring more simplicity, joy, and connection to their lives.

I hope I can help you! Please stay in touch -->

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