The 2019 MamaWorx Program

new mama. business dream. tiny baby.
you can do it all.

Mama, does any of this sound familiar?

  • You know you have something special to give to the world…BUT you don’t want to sacrifice being a great mama, partner, and homemaker in the process.

  • Maybe you already have a great business idea, but don't know where to start.

  • You’re definitely not content with putting off your own passions til baby's in grade school.

  • Perhaps you need to contribute to family finances or return to work…but you don’t want to leave your baby.

  • You want to start or grow the kind of business that works for you, even when you’re asleep… but you don’t really know where to begin.

  • I'd bet you’re ready to *create* your beautiful new life (instead of being dragged along by it).

If any of this sounds familiar, then you know how hard it can be to gain any traction with your own dreams when you can hardly fit in a shower!

And that's what inspired me to start teaching new mamas how to start amazing businesses
(without becoming terrible moms)

I was saddened from hearing so many mamas's stories of forsaken dreams, absolute overwhelm, and, worse, having to leave their new babies to return to a job that they despise, thanks to:

  • Very little support for moms, in general, leaving us all tired, underappreciated, and unfulfilled...

  • A lack of role models: other mamapreneurs who are rocking mamahood and partnerhood and running a business, and sharing the TRUTH about it all...

  • Online business training programs that simply do not fit the lifestyle + unique needs of a dedicated mom - and whose programs make us feel like absolute failures...

Thankfully, all of that is now behind you...

Introducing the 2018 MamaWorx Program


 The MamaWorx Program is the first of its kind.

It’s business training specifically made for mamas!

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on the core aspects of starting a successful passive income business, being a great mama/partner/homemaker, and streamlining life to free up time for what matters most.

PLUS the unique mama-specific community support you need to reach your potential, day by day.

I surveyed over 500 mamas, and over 80% said they wanted to learn how to work from home while also being a good mom.

Over half of the women surveyed said they'd like to build a business that would enable them to have more spare time for their family (one that frees them from hourly or salary or location-based commitments).

Because I believe every Mama should have the option to raise her own babies and stay at home with them...and at the same time, shouldn't have to sacrifice her dreams or income to do so...

this Program teaches Mamas how to have it all.


the tools you need to start your business and streamline your home life.
You'll specifically end up with:

A validated, clear idea that you can put all your efforts toward.

An email list that is set up correctly + beginning to fill up with loyal followers.

A website with the basic components for findability and success.

A simple, powerful, useful product (or leveraged service) or one on the way.

Clarity on the type of content you want to create, and a content plan full of ideas and topics.

A social media presence without the time-suck and overwhelming overstimulation.

Space, time, and permission to transform your dream or idea into a real business.

A simpler life with more room for what matters most (like babies + love + living your dreams)

What makes this program different?


Lifetime access, learn at your own pace, audio/video/written formats, a supportive community, + lessons that take your unique situation AS MOM into account.


With fellow Mamas from around the world, the Program community is here 24/7 to provide feedback and support. You'll also be set up with an accountability partner within the Program.


Tap into my 18+ years of experience in the business world and a proven track record of building two 6-figure passive income businesses while raising 4 babies. My group coaching is key.


Where others make money teaching people how to make money, I'm a successful passive income business owner + Mama, myself, passionately serving others in the real online business world.

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Meet your host

Andrea Olson

Did you know? Passive income is the ideal way for new mamas to fulfill their work dreams while being able to stay at home with their babies as much as they want.

Since 2010, I've grown two 6-figure businesses working less than 20 hours a week while raising my own 4 babies...and you can too!

Join me in this first year of the MamaWorx Program and learn, step-by-step, how to create a passive income business, work smarter, and be with your babies as much as you desire!


Cecilia R.


Andrea is very warm, she knows her stuff and I loved her no nonsense approach. Now I know this for certain: I can actually change the world a bit 🙂


Kimberly M.


Andrea gave great support throughout the Program, and the live calls made it all much more interesting than if it were all simply text based content. She knows her stuff, has a good sense of humour and is extremely helpful and supportive as a teacher.


Caroline H.


This Program is made for moms who are dedicated to a meaningful work and their families. Because of it, I've dared to start something VERY different.

What's Inside the program

7 Weekly Classes

An interactive “live” 7-week program

First, in the Pre-class Module, I'll go over setting the stage, passive income basics, and my detailed step-by-step blueprint.

Next, we'll knock out these basic business building blocks:


Finally, in Module 7 we'll streamline your baby care, home upkeep, relationship health, and your work habits.


By the time the 7 weeks are up, you'll be fully equipped to dive right into your fledgling business. Sound perfect to you?

live class schedule

Live Coaching

live coaching with andrea olson

7 “live” group coaching sessions with Andrea

We will spend a half hour each week with open office hours where you can ask me anything you need answers for.

Listen to other Mamas' questions and expand your knowledge even more through our thriving community.

Chances are, you'll get one nugget from me in each session that will unblock you completely, clearing out months, if not years, of learning curve.

Group coaching is the best way to customize this training for your personal needs!

The Essentials

Plus, a bunch of essential bits + pieces

You'll receive weekly workbooks + cheat sheets that do not create extra work, but rather help you focus and make things happen.

I'll give you my detailed step-by-step Blueprint so you can see exactly which steps you need to take, in which order.

You'll receive Swipe Files of my actual email and sales page templates.

I'll give you my 3 specialty track Blueprints covering: physical product, e-business, and self-publishing.

You'll receive core supplemental mini-trainings, such as my Mini Branding Workshop, my Ideas Workshop, and my Ideal Audience Workshop.

I'll hook you up with an accountability partner inside the Program guessed it!...keep you accountable to the deadlines you set for yourself.

You'll receive access to a warm community of motivated Mamas just like yourself where you can bounce ideas off of one another and receive support and encouragement.

I'll also give you a Certificate of Completion to hang in your new home office, and my own Mama "Do List" notepads - which help me get so much done in a day.

MWx welcome packet on clipboard 2018
mamaworx worksheet 1



The Blueprint transformed into month-by-month action steps

I've created a 6 Month Project Plan to guide you through the exact roadmap laid out in the Detailed Blueprint that comes with the Program. The 6 Month Project Plan will help you stay on track and get your business up and running as quickly - and efficiently - as possible.

Get ready to shave about 5 years off of your learning curve. Step-by-step, exactly what to set up, in what order, this Planner was made for Mamas who have precious little time and need to spend their rare focus time absolutely focused and on-track.

6 month business launch planner
private class-only facebook group


Our intimate Mamapreneur community!

Our community is the heart of the Program and the place to go for all your questions, asking for feedback, gaining support, and getting to know other like-minded Mamas who are starting their own businesses (and raising their own babies).

Remember, you will also get group coaching from yours truly for those times when you want expert advice and accountability. And I chime in on the group weekly.


Our monthly continued learning space

Beyond the Program's end date, continue your learning through The Mamas Club, an exclusive membership site dedicated to the MamaWorx Community.

Members receive:

  • monthly "live" group coaching calls with Andrea
  • a private, on-site forum for like-minded Mamas only
  • monthly add-on trainings, to dive deeper and wider than the Program
  • the ability to chime in on what trainings Andrea will produce each month
  • the best dang community around!

Plus a lot more inside the Club's resource library.

the mamas club

...all of this and much more ONLY inside the Program.


When you join The MamaWorx Program, you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you wish to cancel any time within the next 5 days, just let me know and we'll send you a prompt refund. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

Be part of MamaWorx 2019

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Is the MamaWorx Program right for you?

The MamaWorx Program is NOT for everyone, and honestly I’d prefer to help you figure out whether you belong here BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s chat...

Who it's for

Mamas who've pushed aside a dream

If you've set aside your own dreams when you became a Mama, and the dreams are still beckoning you, this Program will help give them your attention.

Mamas with too many ideas

If you're flooded with inspiration and are having trouble picking which endeavor to pursue, the Program is a perfect match, starting with the priceless Idea Workshop.

Mamas with no business idea, whatsoever

If you know there's something special buried deep inside you, waiting to emerge, or perhaps you will have to return to work if you don't come up with something quick!...this Program is for you. I'll help you unearth those ideas and choose one.

Mamas who have just given birth (or are pregnant)

It may not seem like a good time to start a business, to you or anyone else, right now, but did you know? The time right before and right after giving birth is the perfect season in a woman's life to harness creative power, dream big dreams, gain clarity on what matters most, and "sharpen her saw" so that when a few months have passed...she is ready to hit the ground running!

Mamas who need to return to work and/or contribute to family finances

Although this is not a "get rich quick" kind of Program, it is one in which you can create full control over your career without having to revert to a 9-to-5 job that you hate, where you're spending most of what you make on a daycare that is raising your baby for you. If you need income, you can build it with this Program.

Inexperienced Mamas who possess drive

If you're a Mama who hasn't built a business before but you're looking for the increased freedom and income a passive income business can provide - and are willing to put time and energy into making your dreams a reality - you will fit in nicely here!

Daddies who don't mind being called Mamas

It's true. I created this Program specifically for Mamas. However, if you are a Daddy, especially a stay-at-home Daddy, most of this training will also apply to you. Some of the "How to Do It All" material in Module 7 may not apply to you, as I do go pretty gender-specific there (for good reason!), but the core business training applies to anyone of any sexual identity. Also, I have to say it...I don't care which gender you identify are welcome here! Just know that I exclusively use the word "Mama" throughout the Program...because Mamas can't find this kind of training anywhere else. 🙂

Mamas who are under-resourced

Whether your block is no money, no time, or no childcare...if you're feeling under-resourced, you're not the only Mama with that problem! Part of the Program is about providing you with ideas to creatively source things yourself. I started my business with zero money. I didn't even have a legitimate home base (we were mooching off of friends). I certainly didn't have money for childcare. If I can do it, anyone can do it. This Program will show you how.

Who it's for not for

Mamas who are not able to take small steps

If you are stuck, and I mean truly stuck, in a rut and are incapable of taking a tiny step in the right direction (straight outta that rut!), then you would do better to work on this stuckness first and join us next year. Check out more info on Post-partum Depression (PPD) which I suffered for 4 years, often causes a big, bad stuck!

Mamas who are trapped in negativity

It truly takes a positive outlook to take on the role of mamapreneur. If you are 51% or more "glass half empty" may not be a good fit for this Program. If, however, you are willing to shift into a positive attitude, and accept guidance and support, then you might just be a shoe-in.

People looking for a get-rich-quick type of training

If you think a passive income business or website is going to make you rich overnight, we’re not the right choice for you!


If you’re constantly chasing the next idea and never able to focus on anything for more than a week before moving on to the next big "dragon" to chase, this isn’t a fit for you. A passive income business takes commitment and focus. It can be taught, but you know who you are if you're an eternal floater!

Those looking for a quick-fix

Anyone looking for a quick fix or not willing to dedicate time to building a business (even 1-2 hours per week, as a minimum) will not fit in well with thisProgram. Businesses, no matter how "lean," take time and effort to create and grow.

Those looking for a "done for you" business

I do not build your business for you, and will not do the leg-work for you, so please do not join if you're expecting me to hand you a business. 🙂

Those expecting guaranteed results

I know what I teach works (because I'm doing it myself) but I can’t (and wouldn't be allowed to) guarantee specific results from following the Program's advice. I hate to break it to you, but no one can make that promise! (If they try to, run, don't walk, the other way.)

Copy-cats and thieves (seriously!)

If you just want to waltz on in here and take everything I know in order to make it seem like your own product, service, or training program, I'd advise strongly against it. Copying others is not okay. It's in our Program Terms + Conditions. So, please go on over to the next gal or guy and prey elsewhere. I've worked long and hard on developing this Program and hear this: the rules is the rules.

Lazy mamas (which is different from tired mamas)

If you're not just tired, but you're lazy, best to sit this one out. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart!

I know, I know. It's weird for me to try to talk you OUT of joining the Program. But if it's not the right fit than neither of us benefit. This Program is for those of you who want to transform your lives and are willing to go out of your comfort zone to do the work. If that's you, I am happy to have you join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got questions, I've got answers! Let's try to answer them all right here...

I'm not totally clear on what business I would start - is The MamaWorx Program right for me?

Absolutely - the MamaWorx Program will walk you through THE most important step of starting a new business: Idea Validation. If your idea is not driven by passion, your business will not be sustainable. If the numbers aren't there, your business will not make money. We'll cover all the bases and ensure you're crystal-clear before going thru Modules 1-6 of the Program (where you build your business)>

How many hours per week will this course take?

The minimum amount of time you'll need to complete the course is 1-2 hours per week. Then again, this is a self-paced course and you could actually take as long as you want. After each "live" class I will break the week's recording into bite-sized pieces and post it within 24-48 hours to the Class Portal. This makes it easier for Mamas like us to either binge watch the whole module or take it as we have little nuggets of time!

I already have a business that's doing (okay/great/not-so-well). What can the MamaWorx Program do for me?

Great question! I'll let Johanna from Utah answer this one for me:

"Andrea will teach you how to be productive and start a business. If you're already someone who knows how to set up and run a small business, her Program will teach you how to do it while being a thoughtful, present, hands-on parent. If you've already figured out all those things together, the Program gives you the contacts and rich community support of other Mamas like you. Wherever you're at in the spectrum of experience, this Program has something to offer you."

If you're interested in getting better at lean management, passive income generation, putting things on autopilot, doing a million things in a sustainable manner and order, and better at managing baby, husband, and home...then you will definitely learn something new here.

Is the entire Program available straight away or is it released over time?

This class is released week-by-week. The pre-class lessons are available immediately upon enrollment, and the additional prep classes will be available by September 1. The rest of the classes begin on a weekly basis on Thursday September 6, 2018.

What is the class schedule? And what if I can't make it at that time?

The class schedule is pasted below. We meet Thursdays at 11am EST - but you do NOT have to show up "live." The recording goes up on the Class Portal within 24-48 hours, after which you can listen at your leisure. Here is the schedule for the 30%-or-so of you who will typically be able to make it "live."


Module 1 – Thursday, September 6, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Module 2 – Thursday, September 13, 2018​ from 11am-12pm EST

Module 3 – Thursday, September 20, 2018​ from 11am-12pm EST

Module 4 – Thursday, September 27, 2018​ from 11am-12pm EST

Module 5 – Thursday, October 4, 2018​ from 11am-12pm EST

Module 6 – Thursday, October 11, 2018​ from 11am-12pm EST

Module 7 – Thursday, October 18, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST


Call #1 – Friday, September 7, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #2 – Friday, September 14, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #3 – Friday, September 21, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #4 – Friday, September 28, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #5 – Friday, October 5, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #6 – Friday, October 12, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Call #7 – Friday, October 19, 2018 from 11am-12pm EST

Can you cover x, y, or z in the Program?

The GREAT part about joining the Program during its first year is that, in your Welcome Questionnaire, YOU get to suggest topics that will fill in the 10-20% I've left open for each module's material! So, essentially, you get to help me customize the course to your current needs. If you want to see x, y, or z in the Program...just ask.

And if it isn't covered in the core training, you are welcome to request my thoughts on anything during the weekly Group Coaching Calls.

Can I get one-on-one support for my project?

Yes! During the group coaching calls you get access to me, Andrea, on a one by one basis. You can pre-submit your questions right when you have the thought to ask...and you can also ask anyone in our community a question within our class-only Facebook Group at any time, 24/7. I also chime in on the FB group and in the class comments as you will get plenty of feedback and support from a wide we'll assign you an Accountability Partner that matches your stage and ambitions!

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

Nope. We are all Mamas. Lifetime access just makes sense. And, the class is available on any device, and syncs to where you last left off. We've got you covered and are invested in your ability to complete this thing (because when do you have time to complete anything?)!!

In what format(s) is the Program delivered?

Audio/Video/Written. All the "live" classes are audio...which I've found is perfect for busy Mamas. (Video causes baby to grab the device it's playing on...which is never a good thing!) However, some video will be used, like for the "live" group coaching calls...those are all given on video. A written transcript will be made available when I post the audio for the week's class, too. So, if baby is sleeping and you want to catch up on class, you can easily pop in some earbuds or read the transcript...or both! Every week features a Workbook or Worksheets, too, so you can make progress and have a record of what you're learning and building.

Do you offer a discount or scholarships?

We do not, but we do offer a flexible 12-month payment plan. I've always believed that the money shows up if you reduce a cost or two in another category in your life. For the price of a latte per day, approx $3.50/day, you can learn a system that has the potential to earn you 5-6 figures in income over time, passively* (*again, I make no claim that these numbers are typical or promised).

What if I'm not ready to start my business just yet?

No problemo. If you think you'll use this training within the next 12-18 months, I recommend getting in now. The price will go to $1,997 in 2019. This is the Program's first year, so it is being offered at 50% off. What would you do in the meanwhile? Take the course at your leisure, and "sharpen your saw" while you wait for the right time to come. You can use this time to learn and build connections and observe others' success...and start your business later, no probs.

Where will I find the time?

This is the magic question for us Mamas! In the very first pre-class lessons, which you will get immediate access to when you click "Enroll Now" below, we will address carving out "focus time." Because, if you don't find the time, how will you make progress in this course? I've got you! (I'll even give you tips on how to begin showering regularly again.)

Does the Program include a website?

I'm afraid not! The Program will teach you the basics of outlining your website and give you options for choosing a platform. In the end, it is up to you to build your website or have it built for you (and lucky for you! My hubs is the most affordable web guy I've ever met, and great at it - he built this website you're lookin' at right now!). I've got you covered, but, no, I don't hand you a website during this course.

Will I have to stare at screens all day?

You will be creating an online passive income business of some sort. Some of you will add a physical product to the mix. During this unique time in human history, online success is one way to provide income for our families while allowing us the flexibility to stay at home! Part of that includes computer screens. However, passive income is all about putting in the work now so that you can experience the rewards later. I like to keep my work-week to 15-20 hours, max, so I can enjoy non-screen endeavors with my children. I often work in "analog" mode, printing things, reading, and hand-editing. You can definitely work around this fear!

Will you teach me tips on baby-raising and home-making, too?

You betcha. I am adept at streamlining and simplifying life in order to make room for what matters most. If you optimize certain parts of running the home, cooking, raising baby, the partnership with your will free up time for joy, connection...and working on your biz! It's all inseparable in my book, and we spend an entire module learning how I apply "lean thinking" to all areas of my responsibility as Mama, Wife, Homemaker, and Business Owner - and how you can too.

What are the terms + conditions of the Program, should I choose to join?

You can read the full Terms + Conditions of the 2018 MamaWorx Program here. Main points to note are that we do not allow soliciting to other members, we expect everyone in the program to respect one another's confidentiality, and we do not allow members to create "derivative works" that directly compete with the MamaWorx materials. Basic stuff. 🙂

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See you in class!

When you click "Join Now" you'll be asked to enter your payment details and check out.

Once you've paid, you'll receive a receipt via email *and* you'll get a separate email with your enrollment details for the online course.

Note that this 2nd email could take 15-30 minutes for the Internet Robots to deliver to your email!! Please be patient. 🙂

Just follow the instructions in that second email to get logged in to the course itself, and begin learning immediately!

I very much look forward to seeing you in this intimate, hands-on, in-depth class!

If you have any questions or hesitations, please check out the FAQ section, above.

If you still need help or have any other questions for me, please email me at I strive to answer all emails within 72 hours (it would be sooner but I answer all emails myself).

You mean the world to me and I do this all for you, your big dreams, and your family. Thank you so much....